Getting a tattoo is a personal decision that sometimes requires a lot of thought. As important as it is to select the right design, it is equally important to choose the right shop and the right artist. 

When choosing the right shop, sanitation should be your primary concern. At Gold Tiger, the inks and tattooing needles are disposable and they will never be reused. All of our needle bars are prepackaged sterilized bubble packs and when your tattoo has been completed, they are destroyed. Latex gloves are worn by all of the artists at Gold Tiger during every operation (non latex gloves available for people with latex allergy). All reusable equipment is sterilized for 45 minutes at 275 degrees Fahrenheit/40 psi. 

At Gold Tiger we don't take any chances, neither should you. 

When choosing the right artist, the artist's quality of work and attitude are equally important. At Gold Tiger, all of our artists have clear photographs of their work. Check out our online galleries. We will also make you feel comfortable and try to answer all of your questions. 

Getting tattooed can be a very rewarding experience if you take your time and make sure you are well informed.